Martial Arts History Ancient WarriorsButthan is a time honored heritage, a South Asian realistic system of self-defence , personal development and safe Sports, apparently called the Noble art of stopping-fight and Enlightenment. It produces physical, mental and spiritual balance, through a process of inculcating self-discipline and pragmatic restructuring of personal nature. Butthan is well renowned as a South Asian system of life development combining physical, mental and spiritual culmination. Butthan practice aims to attain psychophysical strength, indomitable spirit, healthy lifestyle and successful life.

The system of Butthan has the essence of knowledge and scientific principles of psychology, trigonometry, human anatomy, physiology, logic, human nervous system, Vajra pran,  siddha medical knowledge blended with selected self defence methods combining the arts like Varma Kalai, Bando, Vajramushti, Tibetan & Chinese Kempo, Ming Jing, Kalaripayattu, Bansahy, Lathi-khela and other selected strategies of the ancient Indian, Burmese and Tibetan Unarmed and Weapons systems. Butthan aims towards achieving a harmonious mind, body and a successful way of life. Butthanchariya’s (Butthan Practitioner) life forms a triangle with Sadhana (Endeavour), Praggya (Wisdom) and Saggya (Intuition). There are Five Sadhana, Five Praggya and one Saggya. Five Sadhanas are : (1) Butthan Dhyana (Meditation/ Mind training) (2) Atmaraksa o Krira (Self-defence and Sports) (3) Baktigoto o Samajik Kallyan (Personal & Social wellbeing) (4) Sarircharchya o Vajrapran (Physical Training & Vajra Pran) (5) Yog-Manos (Proactive Strategy/Mindset). Five Proggayas are : (1) Gyaan (Wisdom) (2) Noitikota (Morality) (3) Sahasikata (Courage) (4) Vakti (Respect) (5) Oddyabasay (Perseverance). Last but not the least is Soggya or Intuition or seeking self knowledge.
Apart from physical techniques, the disciplinarian, philosophical, ethical expressionistic and meditative aspects of Butthan are vital features for one's development.

The system of Butthan helps to empower life, attain better health, fitness, self-defense, confidence, leadership, develop moral values in life, and as a part of social development motivates the youth positively to be a responsible citizen and a sound human being.
Butthan raises the modern day flag to revive the lost Martial Arts heritage in the pages of world history. The Butthan system of Self-defense is a combined scientific approach to self-defense based on ancient Indian sub-continental self-defense forms, techniques, Yoga and Vedic psychophysical development systems.


Dr Yuree inside Shaolin Temple

Dr. Yuree Paying homage and respect to the ancient ancestors of martial arts inside Shaolin temple, the cradle of Martial Art, Hunan, China

Under dedicated and dynamic leadership of Grand Master Dr. Yuree, founder of Butthan Martial Art, the revival of long two thousand years’ Indian Sub-continental heritage of Martial Art is taking place and gradually establishing as the mainstream human-friendly Martial Art suitable for different age groups and geographical diversity.

Butthan is an attachment of great value to the time-honoured long traditional self-defense methods and updating most advanced research and development of science relevant to this great Martial Art. It is also a culmination of real life experiences and scientific principles combining the essence of ancient arts likeVarma Kalai, Bando, Vajramushti, Tibetan & Chinese Kempo, Kalaripayattu, Bansahy, Yoga, Silambam, and other selected strategies.


Dr Yuree in India during Kalaripayattu training Prof. Dr. Yuree [right] during
Kalaripayattu Training in India

The Combat System of Butthan develops psychophysical capability for defending oneself effectively in unpredictable and dangerous situations without being unnerved. The strength of mind controls the strength of body. This control of the mind enables oneself to stand up to the challenges in life and disciplines one’s mind and body. Hence, It is different from competitive martial art practices, which basically aim at gaining points, belts, sashes, medals etc by exhibition of skill and performance on the mat. Apart from physical techniques, the disciplinarian, philosophical, ethical expressionistic and meditative aspects of Butthan Martial Arts are vital features for one's development.


Butthan martial art students
Butthan Martial Art students at training temple

The training of Butthan Martial Art causes the balancing of the chakras or energy centers and saptha dhatu (seven tissues in the human body—plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow and semen), stimulation of 'Nadisuthra' points according to the Indian ancient medical doctrine, working with vital points, and the awakening of 'Prana' or life. When the internal ability of the body fails to handle the stress ,the defense mechanism of the human body tends to become weak and gradually breaks down the system, making one prone to illness and disease. Butthan Martial Art teaches how to reduce tension and calms down the mind and develops mental alertness and attentiveness. By generating nourishment to the nerve systems along with the correct blood circulation it makes the body organs function efficiently, which can keep one disease free and in a state of positive health. As the body's system functions better, one’s physical and mental abilities become unavoidably greater too. This obviously necessitate development of body and mind which would respond and activate promptly and proportionately to the magnitude of requirements through logic. Through proper conditioning of human's fight or flight response the Butthan practitioners are capable of handling real life threatening situations confidently and effectively under the adrenal rush. Through various benevolent practices of this system, unwanted stress and strain can be eliminated to avoid psychophysical fatigue.

Bando Federation Historical Reception to Dr. Yuree by Myanmar THAING Federation
The Historical Reception & demo given to Grand Master Prof. Dr. Yuree recognizing Butthan MARTIAL ART at Yangon by Myanmar Thaing (Martial Art) Federation in presense of Thirty-two leading Grand Masters from all over Myanmar including the highest ranking Grand Master U MYA THEIN [at right of Dr. Yuree]

The unique Butthan system includes Dhayan(meditation) for Spiritual development and internal enlightenment in the light of ancient Indian-Tibetian mystical systems. It enables the student to master the balance, co-ordination and the principles of movement in space and to understand the continuous flow of energy in the body.

varma kalai pressure pointThe advanced training in the Butthan system includes the knowledge of Pressure Point Killing & Healing through identifying the 'Varmams' (vital points) on the human body. Using varying degrees of force to strike the body at different vital points, producing amazingly effective results and is a craft of the masters. When used by a trained expert, striking, slapping or touching the 'varmas' from various angles can cause instant death, slow death, paralysis or great pain. At same time a seriously injured person can be revived using 'varma' points, which are treated with massages, Siddha oils and herbal medicines. It is known that 'A timely touch, a slap or a gentle blow on specific 'varma' points can kill a person, or save a dying man.'

Dr Yuree during his training in isolation in South IndiaButthan's Self-defense and Self Development is a progressive, benevolent and pragmatic with various tools for effective solution ofproblems related to safety, security, and health of humankind across the globe.

Butthan discourages to limit the perpetual Martial spirit through physical challenges instead of psycho-physical development, which undermines the true values of Martial Arts. Butthan emphasizes to cultivate and promote sense of Human Integrity, Righteousness, Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, Moral value, Psycho-physical Fitness, Concentration as desired to fight against drugs, alcohol, immoral activities and business, to help to learn to attain a peaceful and graceful life.

Butthan continues to contribute more and more for one's self development, for humankind and for peace.


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