Butthan System has a very unique and distinguished credit of providing Tactical and Unarmed Combat Training for the national security and law enforcement agencies under the Ministry of Defense and Home including, Special Security Force (S.S.F.), Bangladesh Army, Navy, Police, Coast Guard, BDR (Border Security), School of Military Intelligence (S.M.I.), National Security Intelligence (N.S.I.), Riot Police etc.

It is worth mentioning that Grand Master Dr. Yuree is a Military Unarmed Combat Veteran, distinguished Master defensive tactics trainer, certified specialized law enforcement and security instructor and Consultant to Govt. Security & Law-enforcement Agencies under the ministry of Home & Defence, Counter- Terrorist Specialist and Expert on Explosives and VVIP/Dignitary Protection with twenty years of experience.

Military Unarmed Combat Veteran, distinguished Master Defensive Tactics Trainer and Consultant to Govt. Security & Law-Enforcement Agencies under the ministry of Home & Defense, Counter - Terrorist Specialist and Expert on Explosive and VVIP/Dignitary Protection with twenty years of experience. Internationally recognized Martial Art beckon who is the only one winner of world’s top “UNIVERSAL MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME AWARD- USA” amongst 200 core people of the whole SAARC member countries.


Professor Dr. Yuree is also honored as one of the 18 selected top ranking Law enforcement and military defensive tactics trainer in the world by International Combat Martial Arts Union Association (ICMAUA.COM).


World Butthan Martial Art Federation (WBMAF), USA., as the ten (10) degree black belt and the founder Grand Master of the system.


International Bodyguard Association (IBA), UK - The largest and oldest protection related training and services association having desks and network worldwide, established in Paris, 1957.

“ILETA” Instructor & Examiner :

Officially Certified & Appointed Instructor and “Examiner of International Law Enforcement Training Agency”-UK .


Rangers (Pvt) Limited - Only distinguished company deployed to train top government security agencies with versatile and comprehensive security services having world wide affiliations.


“Rangers Academy of Security and Defense” (RASD) - Providing security, intelligence and unarmed combat training uniquely to all top government security forces like Special Security Force (SSF), School of Military Intelligence (SMI), Army, National Security Intelligence (NSI), Navy, BDR (Border Security), Police, Coast-Guard, and other verified persons & Organizations to face the challenging task in the relevant fields.


Bangladesh Bodyguard Association (BBA) - The only Association of Professional bodyguards affiliated with International Bodyguard Association (IBA), UK.


American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), USA - World’s largest organization for the professional security experts & Management.


American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET), USA - World’s most prestigious Association. of law enforcement trainers.


“International Police Tactics Instructors Association”- Internationally renowned Police/ Law-enforcement tactics training and research organization.


Registered inventor of TL-6 dynamic security baton. Today this dynamic batons is used by Bangladesh Army (UN Force), Police, Coast Guards and other security and law enforcement agencies.


Commissioned Officer’s Course :

USA Standard- Commissioned Officers Course of Security Management and Law under the Texas Board of Private Investigation and Security Agencies, Houston, USA.

Improvised Explosive Device (I.E.D.: Search & Recognition):
under the supervision of expert of Bomb Disposal Unit- Royal Engineers, British Army.

Counter Terrorist Response
Countering/Resisting terrorist initiatives/actions.

Body Guarding
Scientific Body Guarding / Executive protection Procedure and Operation- Master class, from International Bodyguard Association, London, UK.

Military Weapons & Explosives
‘Specialized Military Weapons and Explosive course’ with Latvian government Special Force, Riga, Republic of Latvia.

Law Enforcement & Defensive Tactics Training (UK).

Standard first Aid & C.P.R.
Certified under American Redcross, USA.

Private Investigation (PI) :
Modern Method of Private Investigation and Analysis from National Security Academy (NSA), USA.

Bank Security :
Safety Procedures and Security of Bank Premises during emergency and critical hours from NSA, USA.

Airport Security
Security management of modern Airport and it’s systems from NSA, USA.

High Rise Building Security
Security management for high rise buildings / skyscrapers

For consultancy, training and mutual business in the training programs for law enforcement and security agencies by Grand Master Dr. Yuree, interested legal company, negotiator and individual may contact from any part of the world to uphold mutual interest, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION